Man not opening up and ignoring woman

Why Men Don’t Open Up to You!

Have you ever wondered why men you choose don’t open up to you or end up being emotionally unavailable? You might begin to think that you are the problem and only men who don’t care for you. Subconsciously, every moment

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Good Guy and Girl Laying In Bed

9 Signs You’ve Got A Good Guy

Here 9 Signs That Let You know You’ve Got A Good Guy Is he a good guy? I know in the dating process, things can move very quickly and before you know it you’re in a full-blown relationship. Some women

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How A Man Knows He’s Found THE ONE

How Does a Man Know He’s Found THE ONE Woman He Wants to Be With for The Rest of His Life? As easy as most women think men have it in dating, to be quite honest it’s not! Especially when

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